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About Us:

We help to know the most amazing places on the planet in Mexico, Canada, the Himalayas and other countries.

Focus: adventure private tours in Yucatan (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum - Mexico) and Canada.

We are engaged in creating VIP, group / korporatsionnyh eco-travel to unexplored paths / rivers / seas / mountains and photo-video productsfor commands such as " National Geographic"television channel" Discovery "and" Living Planet ".

We also do research with leading cavers and divers Yucatan.

Our services include assistance with immigration to Mexico and Canada.

Nnovosti, videos and photos are published on our page on Facebook are . 

  • Middle and South America
    • Mexico
      • Cancun
      • Playa del Carmen
    • Belize (San Pedro)
    • Guatemala (Atitlan, Flores, Tikal)
    • Peru (Machu Picchu tours of)
  • Canada
    • Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary
    • Iroquois reservations
    • Canadian Rockies
  • Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal)
  • New Zealand (all cities / regions)
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Timofey Yuriev - Expeditions and tours in Mexico (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Riviera Maya)

Timofey Yuriev - founder Yuriev.TV Expeditions.

Producer, guide, pilot, mountaineer, diver. Specialist cenotes, underground rivers, flora and fauna. Expedition leader works worldwide, and as well as private guide. Lives in Plae del Carmen / Cancun and Vancouver (Canada).

His tours Turistere & tips 

Poncho - diver and guide in Latin America with 15 years of experience.

Gabriel - Maya shaman in 5th generation in Yucatan.

Anthony - a guide for telenetvorkov and a doctor specializing in traditional Mayan medicine in Guatemala - Tikal.

Max and Maria - ice fishing champions Canada, guides on alloys in Ontario.


The most amazing ride of your life: "Underground River Sac Aktun"

Exclusive private tour - not diving. The underground river we swim onthe surface with a mask and snorkel in a kaleidoscope stalactite labyrinths.

One of the most amazing, amazing places on our planet. Usual expression of people fall into this underground river: "I have no words" - because of the beauty that surrounds us consciousness disabled thoughts disappear.

This system of underground rivers stretches for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Studied less than 1 percent. For thousands of years underground river Maya revered place where the "Xibalba" - the underworld of death. And in fact, in these rivers to be a lot of mysteries, unexplained things. In some of our customers after these rivers starts a new count in life - from scratch. Photos can not convey what it is - on the explanations of our customers this place "Live."

Here we made films together with the National Geography of Russia and the United States. One of the most memorable places in the region.Usual expression of people falling in this place: "I have no words" - because of the beauty of the underground river consciousness disabled thoughts disappear.


  • This is an exclusive private tour for groups up to 10 people

  • The underground river is deep in the Yucatan jungle

  • Approximate distance from Cancun - 1.45 hours from Plai del Carmen - 45 min

  • The entire trip takes about 3 hours, plus transfer

  • Check out after sunset, fence hotels in 6:00

  • On the way we stopped in the village of Mayan shamans

  • From time to time we come out of the jungle jaguars, they are very curious

  • Water temperature is constantly around 24 degrees, the water is crystal clear - mineral

  • Flow in the underground river no

  • We have all saving vests, masks, snorkels and wetsuits


Several years ago, a little north of the town of Tulum on the Riviera Maya, Maya Indians hunted in the jungles of the Yucatan. It was a beautiful day and no signs of trouble. The sun gradually fills up over the horizon and when it was dusk, a group of hunters returned to the village. When he returned, they discovered that one of their friends is missing. Not their friend, and came the next day, and a day later ... he disappeared.

Missing Indian name Manu. Manu, many years later told me - what happened to him:

- "When I came around was absolute darkness. I lay in the cool water. I did not listen to any sounds, silence enveloped and suffocated - I was terribly terribly. I felt around and found no trees, jungle disappeared. A little later, I began to make a strange sound ... - it was a quiet, melodic sound of the falling drops. I realized that he was under, according to our beliefs Maya - in the realm of the dead: "Xibalba". We believe in Xibalba fall only after death, and no turning back.
Underground Yucatan there are thousands of rivers that stretch for thousands of miles ... The chance that I'll find a way - was negligible. I understand - I'm dead. I've been swimming through the maze filled with stalactites and stalagmites in complete darkness. When a few days passed, I began to feel that Xibalba talking to me. Out of the darkness they called me to his voice. Fear was gone, I felt calm and I was fine. I was there, where I came to life.
I swam deeper and deeper into the maze in complete darkness and silence - to where the voice called me ... Time disappeared. I saw the light penetrates from the water depth. I dived and swam under water to this light. And when I swam to the light, then popped up in the jungle, was a bright sunny day and I was saved ... "

Manu returned home to the village, gathered all his relatives and friends and went back into the jungle. They found a hole leading to the underground river - which Manu fell down on the ropes deep, lit lanterns and saw a fantastic, unearthly beauty.

Some time later, the Indian territory leased from the state where it occurred adventure set generating station, underground and held underwater lighting and opened this place for travelers at the end of 2012

The place was part of the underground rivers called "Sac Aktun", which translated from the Mayan language means "white cave." Length of rivers of this system is more than 10 thousand kilometers. The system was previously discovered accidentally in 1989 by two American divers, cavers. Currently part of the river is the longest explored underground system of the planet. Its total length is about 215 km.

National Geographic Channel to find photographs from the place immediately gathered the crew, contacted me and made a documentary about some of this underground river system in January 2013.

Usually, I bring groups in this place at sunset, as we can get to get dark depths of these Yucatan jungle and at the same time to visit a local shaman small Mayan village where his great outdoor cenote in the jungle, where the magical Mayan shamans.

Login to "Xibalba" in Sac Aktun is a narrow dip, going to a depth of 15 meters. In the failure of fixed solid wooden staircase. Deep awaits us beautiful, amazing tale. Do you remember it for a lifetime.

We will go through underground caverns filled with indescribable beauty stalactites and stalagmites. The travel time from 30 minutes to 1.5. Water temperature is around 22-24 ° C.

From the animal world there are five species of bats (safe), several species of fish: catfish and transparent fish Huge shrimp and freshwater crustaceans.

We will hand out life jackets and snorkel. Recommended wetsuits and water-tight camera. On-site there are toilets and changing area. The organization dive dives.

We have returned from the Sac-Aktun in the dark and go in the night jungle, where sometimes on the way out jaguars, snakes and huge spiders - tarantulas local. From time to time in the trees can be seen sleeping Yucatan pheasants - their feathers shimmer red, remove and green colors in the glow of lanterns ...

Someone from my tourist named this river the ninth wonder of the world - and not casual.

Small excerpt from Wikipedia:

Sac-Aktun - system of underground rivers.

Mexico is in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula (Quintana Roo). The river connects the two sets of underground caves that are located more than 181 kilometers apart. Was found at the end of January 1989 accident two American divers, cavers who dive in underground lakes national historical and tourist area of ​​the Mayan Riviera.

Flexible system for organizing tours upon request.

Beetles on the island of Cozumel!

One of the most fun trips to the Caribbean paradise. Cozumel (Cozumel) - is the only place of Yucatan, where you can ride an antiqueVolkswagen Beetle on the road runs along the ocean, swim in the huge waves on empty deserted beaches of white sand stretching for tens of kilometers. Plunge into the wild coastal nature, get away from the crowds, feel surfer culture, rastomasnkih and "free california" style bars.

There is also a national marine park / reserve, where you can climb the lighthouse, learn about the history of the pirates of the island, to meet with the crocodiles in the lagoons, and see a variety of birds to visit the beaches, where giant tortoises Mexican skirted the world along the equator back to lay eggs in a place where they were born.

We provide you the opportunity to spend a great time all the fun, natural and informative places this amazingly beautiful miracle planet.

Main locations:

  • ancient town of San Miguel, where the world-famous Caribbean Festivals
  • snorkeling in the crystal clear lagoons and beaches of white sand
  • ruins and the temple of the goddess Ix Chel
  • Reserve with turtles, crocodiles and birds
  • Lighthouse and Maritime Museum
  • dolphinarium

We need in the morning to catch a ferry / ship, which departs every 30 minutes from Plai del Carmen. Then 30 minutes on the road and we disembarked on the island, take the "Zhukov" and begin our journey in this heavenly place - the former pilgrimage site of Mayan women.

A bit of the island:

Cozumel (Kùutsmil - Island of Swallows) - an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The popular resort known for its diving spots.

The island has a length from north to south and 48 km from east to west 16 km, is the largest Atlantic island of Mexico and a third of all Mexican islands. Island is located 20 km from the mainland, 60 km from the largest in the state of Cancun. The eastern part of the island is low, flat, densely covered with vegetation. Nearby is the world's second largest coral reef, which is over 700 kilometers.

Despite the fact that the continent-island separated by a narrow strait, Cozumel, there are about a dozen species are endemic (Chlorostilbon forficatus, Reithrodontomys spectabilis, Toxostoma guttatum, kosumelsky raccoon, Vireo bairdi, etc.). History The first European to visit the island, Juan de Grijalva began in 1518, next year in the beginning of the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortés stayed island, where he overthrew the Indian idols and tried to introduce the locals to Christianity.

Literature Map swarmed circled in a circle names. Cozumel - an island off the Yucatan, where, as Perry read in a men's magazine, you can "throw clothes fasten blissful smile, live as Raja and have any woman you desire, - and all this for fifty dollars a month." In the same article, he still remembered very pleasant such statements: "Cozumel is free from all social, economic and political pressure. On this island to a private individual is not any official trailer. " And also - "Every year, the mainland nesting parrots fly here."

In simple terms - it is an island of freedom!

Flexible type of tours - the place and time at the request of the customer.

Sightseeing-flights by tours of the most picturesque places of the Yucatan.

Place of origin: Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Shuttle aircraft from $ 75.

We summers over the pyramids of ancient Mayan cities: Coba, Tulum, Chichen Itza and other historical areas of the region. This is one of the good ways to cut back on Chichen Itza shuttle up to 40 minutes to get there and all the other tourists.

Flights to Chichen ITSU of Plai del Carmen / Cancun from $ 1575 for 2 people.

As we fly over the reserves and in remote places where you can see huge flocks of flamingos, dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks.

Some of the popular tours start at Playa del Carmen - it's 15 minutes of flight, enough to see the beauty of the coast of Playa del Carmen with the beginning of the Sian Ka'an biosphere or a 30-minute tour to see the island of Cozumel, Riviera Maya and Playa Playa del Carmen.

Takes about 1 hour sightseeing flight to the Riviera Maya to Cancun from Plai. Or on the Riviera Maya Tulum archaeological zone on the return to Playa del Carmen and Reserve Sian Ka'an.

1.5 hours to get to the secluded island of Holbox - places where you can get away from all the problems and be in absolute tranquility, surrounded by amazingly beautiful nature.

Island Tour includes:

  • Flights to this beautiful and peaceful island
  • Boat for birding on "Bird Island"
  • Visiting Yalahau - crystal clear water spring
  • Lunch including 1 drink per person
  • A walk through the city center
  • Possible to stay overnight. Modern and comfortable hotel with an ocean view room with two double beds, can be reserved for $ 126 USD

Minimum charge of aircraft - 4 person (regardless of amount).

Mexico, Cancun: swimming in the ocean with manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks

Traveling along the equator, every year, about the middle of May in the Gulf of Mexico swim hundreds of whale sharks. They spend their summers here, and we go to visit them to the island Zhenokolo Cancun).

Whale sharks reach a length of 20 meters, feed on plankton, they have no teeth, they can not swallow anything larger in size than a tennis ball.They are completely comfortable with the swimmers and swim slowly gaping their huge mouths.

Last year one of our clients accidentally swam into her mouth and spit it gently shark back flow of water. The client, however, longer with us on this day did not talk - very frightened, although it remained without a scratch.

To people sharks are treated kindly. Families with children - are welcome.

Along the way we meet the Giant Ocean Mantes / Stingrays (5-7 meters wingspan) as well as dolphins and swim with them.

To swim with the dolphins in the ocean from the shore, we're going to Isla Mujeres, and there are a few places where live wild dolphins. Odie quite fearlessly relate to people and admit to yourself close.

Officially recognized by the 8th wonder of the world - the pyramid of the sun god "Kukulkan", an ancient Mayan city "Chichen Itza", bathing in the sacred cenote Ik-Kil, the ancient city of Valladolid

Chichen Itza is one of the places surrounded by mystery and magic.According to the extant writings of conquistadors and priests Maya it was the city forces place - going where more than 50 tribes and ethnic Maya to address global challenges.

There were oracles capable of predicting the future, as well as the most powerful priest-astronomers, who built the world-famous observatory Caracol.

Here were the Mayan "Olympic ball games called" Pok ta Pok, "which means" command team "- a game that was more spiritually / astronomically / religious procedure, during which address global challenges.

8th wonder of the world: the sun god Kukulkan pyramid - this structure is a mathematical Mayan calendar. Pyramid filled with optical and sound effects remain an unsolved mystery for our scientists until now.


Chichen Itza (Yucatan Mayan language Chi'ch'èen Ìitsha 'literally, "mouth of the well Itza", ie a place at the mouth of the well Itza people) - one of the largest and undoubtedly most famous cultural and political center of the Indians of Central America's pre-Columbian period. Mayans believed that the city was founded by Kukulcan (known as the AztecQuetzalcoatl), one of the most important Indian deities. Chichen Itza is recognized as one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

Chichen Itza Mayan founded, according to legend legendary peopleItza, which is the oldest of the Maya, in VII. It was one of the largest Mayan cities, but around the X century. inexplicably in life practically stops and Chichen Itza Toltec capture. The city becomes the capital of the Toltec, and the Toltec influence extends to almost the entireYucatan. In the heyday of the population of Chichen Itza is 20 to 30 thousand people. By the end of XIV century the city went into decline and again depopulated. -Europeans are no longer caught conquistadors might Chichen Itza and saw the city in ruins.

Cenote Ik Kil

On the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, there is an amazing natural wonder - cenote, called Ik-Kil. Cenote is a natural karst cave, like a huge well of fresh-water lake at the bottom. Yucatan generally famous for its cenotes, Ik-Kil same - one of the most famous structures on the surface of the peninsula.

Tourists come here from around the world. These places are imbued with history - just three kilometers away is the ancient town of Chichen Itza, or rather its ruins. Once there lived the Mayans - wise people of an ancient civilization.

Despite the lack in the area lakes and rivers, Mayan no shortage of drinking water - they took it out of the cenote. They do not just use this gift of nature, but also very kind to him, considering it a sacred place.According to them, it was the entrance to the underworld. And no wonder, because the surface of the earth suddenly breaks bottomless pit, turning the earth into the open goal.

Cenote, and the truth, produces an extraordinary impression on people by its mysterious, ethereal beauty. Plant roots from the ground majestically descend to the surface of a circular lake, very Recalling flowing down the jet of water.

Water underground lake is so clear that it, like the aquarium, clearly visible floating fish. In addition, very beautiful color of the water - it has a turquoise hue. Formed this natural wonder as a result of erosion of natural limestone powerful tropical downpours.

Modern Mexicans have arranged next to a natural landmark hotel.Tourist complex accommodates homes, food outlets and shops. Visitors have a wonderful opportunity to relax and at the same time - enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the Mexican nature.

To cenote more feast for the eyes of tourists, there are artificial waterfalls and stalactites. For better overview arranged special platform on two levels high.

In karst lake swimming is allowed, in addition, the water temperature is the most suitable for this - 25.5 degrees. After forty-degree heat swimming in a cenote pleasantly cool. Bathers go down the stone stairs, and dip, get a lot of unforgettable experiences.

It is also believed that the one who bathes in the sacred waters of the cenote, gets emotional harmony, having gathered it from nature. Top swimmers like small dolls - so deep cenote. When it comes time to leave, to leave such beauty does not want.

Mexican ranch day and night (full moon) tours on the beach and jungle.

Horse tours with private ranch near Mexico Plai del Carmen.

We offer three flights a day from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 am, 12 pm and 3 pm.

Day tour includes:

  • 1.5 hours riding through the jungle and pristine beaches
  • Gallop on the beach (included in the price, but optional); level of experience
  • Small groups with a maximum of 6 participants
  • Experienced guides (2 per round)
  • Helmets (recommended, but not required; compulsory for children 8-12 years old)
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Wildlife watching (iguanas, lizards, exotic birds, birds of prey, butterflies, squirrels, porcupines, opossums, coatis, raccoons, wild pigs, snakes, crabs, turtles, and more ...)

Night - Full Moon Tour:

We start from the ranch where the horses and our staff will be waiting for you under the starry sky. Then a trip to the jungle lunnue. Bonfire on the beach, where we all tell legends of the local tribes, a glass of wine or beer.

Night tours only occur during a full moon (3-4 days during the full moon). Tour starts at 8:30 pm.

Full Moon tour includes:

  • 1.5 hours riding through lush jungle and beach on the moon
  • 30 minutes bonfire on the beach with drinks (wine, cold beer, soda, water or Gatorade) and snacks
  • Small groups with a maximum of 6 participants
  • Experienced guides (2 per round)
  • Helmets (recommended, but not required; compulsory for children aged 8-12 years)

Restricting weight: 95 kg.

Reserve flamingo "Rio Lagartos" Salines "Los Colorados" and pyramid "Ek Balam"

Rio Lagartos (Crocodile River) is in the north of the Yucatan. So called small fishing village, where a motor boat through the mangrove jungle we travel to the area habitat of pink flamingos. Here they live in the wild and rare surprise tourists with its beauty.

Along the way we will see many colorful birds (many species of herons, pelicans) living in the mangroves, as well as two types of crocodiles.

Here mined salt lakes in pink called LOS Colorados. The water in these lakes is supersaturated with salt - as in the Dead Sea. Unable to sink to the bottom of the body - like a cork is pushed to the surface. Very interesting feeling.

Ek Balam - Archaeological Centre of the classical period, which have been recently made ​​new discoveries about the Maya culture.

Ek Balam (translated from the Mayan language "black jaguar") has only recently been opened for tourists. Archaeologists exploring the area, found the real works of art: plaster sculptures, reliefs and unusual. Ek Balam in ancient times was one of the most important cultural centers of the Maya. 

Here are preserved the original mystical structures. Entrance to the main pyramid (the largest in the Yucatan) is designed as a mouth unseen monster resembling a giant jaguar. Scientists suggest that in this monstrous mouth, behind which open (so-called "gates of hell"), throwing people sacrificed to the gods. 

In Ek Balam were also found pyramid twin probably served for determining the length of the day and night. Architectural features suggest that the Mayan calendar was more accurate than the Gregorian, which we now use. 

Acropolis archaeological site includes a recently discovered a secret room in the form of a giant face, Golf Ball, Twin Buildings, Observatory, Temazcal (imperial bath). This is only part of the attractions of Ek Balam.

There we can swim in a cenote located near - the well width of 30 meters and a depth of 50.

Next we go to the colonial city of Valladolid, located between Cancun and Merida.

Renovated in recent years, the city in which in ancient times was fierce fighting between the Mayan and Spanish invaders, literally breathes history. Surprisingly romantic Central Park, narrow winding streets, old churches and other buildings retain memories of significant historical events. For example, a local cenote - the sacred well, a long time hidden under a stone roof, during the wars of conquest was discovered by the Spaniards, who used it as a headquarters. Church of San Bernardino and Sisal convent dating from 1552 year, according to some, are the first Christian buildings in Yucatan.

Yucatan Reserve UNESCO "Sian Ka'an" and archeological zone "Muyil"

Boat trip in the reserve by UNESCO huge lovely semi-saline lakes, reflecting the endless sky - and that's why called Sian Ka'an. In the language of the Maya, whose civilization was located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Sian Ka'an means "where the sky begins." The lakes are surrounded by mangroves, which are clean, with the current rate of human walking ducts. We dress saving vests and plunge into these quiet ducts. Over the next hour, we calmly sail downstream watching different birds and listening to the sounds of nature.

Reserve has the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the reserve located 110 km second-largest Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which stretches along the east coast of the Yucatan to the south near the coast of Belize and Honduras. On the beaches of Sian Kaan are places oviposition several rare species of sea turtles. On the coastal dunes that protect the hinterland from storms proizrastaetmorskoy grapes Kermek, Suriano seaside, Sesuvium portalacastrum, perennial ragweed, morning glory, and many others.

Wetlands are an important habitat for many species of animals, as well smoothing the effects of storms. In mangroves grow red, black and white mangroves and konokarpus erect. On the oxygen-poor soils of coastal savannah flooded every year, grows grass and reeds, the height of which rarely exceeds 3 meters.

The fauna is diverse and includes 336 known species of birds and 103 species of mammals known. In addition, the winter in Sian Ka'an arrives more than a million birds. Among the feathered inhabitants of the reserve - the brown pelican, cormorant green, magnificent frigate, great blue heron, white heron American, American white ibis and osprey.

Among the sea creatures are found in the reserve members of the family of armored, tarpon, grouper, round trahinot, nurse shark, hammerhead fish, blacktip shark and snappers.

After the reserve we study the Mayan ruins nearby archaeologicalMuyil, also known as Chunyashche - the ancient site of the Maya civilization.

Its development the city has received in the IV century AD, when there was migration of Petenskogo basin to the north, but found fragments of pottery dating back to around 350 BC. e.
Extinction and outcome of Muyilya occurred between XIII to the XVI century. Ruins Muyilya exemplify Petenskoy architecture with elements of buildings Tikal.
Muyil located on the trade route of the Maya, which are transported jade, obsidian, chocolate, honey, feathers and of course salt.

After the trip, we'll pick in Tulum, where certainly try this Mexican cuisine.

Mexico: swimming in the ocean with the fastest sea creatures "Pisces Swallowtail"

"Hemingway once fond of watching these beautiful creatures. The fastest fish in the world - Sailboat. It can reach a speed of 100 km / hAnd once, in the tests conducted in Florida (USA) in a fishing camp, Long Key was already fixed speed of 109 km / h "

We go out on a boat in the ocean, and after 1 hour on a giant frigate birds circling flocks find hunting sailing. Swim with them in the water snorkeling and seeing the splendor of the game / hunt these creatures.

Sailing break huge flocks of swirling silver small marine fish into small flocks, which are beginning to create a spiral and spherical shapes.Sailboats, flashes of shimmering colors, begin to hunt for these flocks.

Sometimes the way we come across a giant 7-meter manta rays, which we also swim side by side.

Mexico trip to the ancient Mayan city: Coba, Tulum and swimming in the underground caves "cenotes"

A trip to one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of the Mayan Riviera

The ancient city of Coba - here is one of the great pyramids in the area, which you can climb. This city is controlled only port Maya - Tulum. Since the area is large, for it we ride bikes and use rickshaws.Here lived one of the leading magicians Mayansky Chichen Itza opposing sorcerers. 

Tulum Mayan port - one of the most photographed places in Mexico.This city is a fortress surrounded by a wall with watchtowers. Here were delivered by sea to a large number of Indian goods pies with the Caribbean islands, as well as inland territories of Central America - Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. After walking around the area we bathe in one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean region. 

Swimming in cenotes in the area - one of the most beautiful sacred places Yucatan - karst wells. It was believed that through the cenotes can communicate with the gods. We'll pick 1 or 2 depending on the cenote time.

Mexico: "Temazcal" - Indian ozdorovitelny rite running Mayansky shaman

The ritual takes place in the depths of the jungle after sunset. Rite has more than 3 thousand years. Still Mayan people living in the jungle so treated, Temazcal use during labor and solve important problems.

Short description:

On-site Mayan shaman hold traditional magic act, during which the four basic elements (earth, fire, air and water) will help your body / consciousness reborn.

  • You will pass the 4th season (fall, winter, spring, summer).

  • Shaman summon the spirits of the 4 sides of the world, as well as the spirits of the sun and the night.

  • You will find yourself in the depths of the mother earth - Temazcal (baths), where the shaman will sing songs szyvaya spirits world.

  • The guide will accompany you during the entire procedure.

  • At the end you will be offered curative drinks.

  • And after the rest, we return to the hotel.

Demonstration of procedure may take place any day of the week.Currently, the same treatment - only at certain phases of the moon.

Usually we go through this ritual in the evening, after sunset.

Mexico to the jewel of the Caribbean "Island of Women» (Isla Mujeres)

The island is located in the Caribbean Sea, 13 km northeast of Cancun.From the coast of Cancun Island Strait separates. The island - 8 km, width from 500 meters to 1.5 km.

Here is a sacred place of the goddess of fertility and love Ix Chel. The church is the goddess on the easternmost point of Mexico. It is possible before all the country to see the first rays of the rising sun, while high on the coral rocks rising out of the ocean, looking at the huge waves crashing on the reef. Tranquility and grandeur of sunrise in this place brings us wonderful state of appeasement. In the same place, often 15 meters from the shore we see wild dolphins frolicking and sometimes swim with them.

The island's history began in 564, the - this date in the Mayan language is shown on one of those found on the island of stone columns. In pre-Columbian times there was a settlement Maya Ekab. In 1517, an expedition led by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba first arrived on the island, and there are plenty of conquistadors discovered stone idols - female sculptures dedicated to the goddess Ix Chel that the Maya considered the patroness of fertility, medicine, happiness and the Moon.

In 1996, the west coast of the island has received national park status: here is the chain of coral reefs, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef - the second largest in the world after Australia.

On the island are:

  • one of the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • famous worldwide Underwater Museum - "Silent Evolution"
  • Mayan temple of the goddess of fertility
  • sharks in cages in the ocean and wild dolphins on the loose
  • turtle farm
  • amusement park bungee over the ocean
  • beautiful snorkelling and diving
  • floating man-made island in the pirate lagoon
  • local food, not mere tourists
  • unique architecture (home "snail")

A small description of other major locations:

The residential part of the island (it is located in the north) just five blocks wide and seven - in length, there are three main streets: Hidalgo (Avenida Hidalgo), Benito Juarez (Avenida Benito Juares) and Medina (Rueda Medina), pedestrianized street, walking along the western shore, which are exotic seafood restaurants (after more than a century the island was a fishing village). Local gastronomic specialties - fish tikinshik (Tikinxik), which is prepared on a wood grill with a paste made of plants ashiot.


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