Over the years of our work experience in Mexico, we met amazing people and ones of the most unusual places. Mexico is an explosion of colors from which we have made the rainbow of this trip.

Our partners, using modern helicopters and airplanes, perform transportation. You do not need to be a diver or a climber – all the activities are designed for ordinary people. You just need to be in good physical shape.


Xibalba, the underground system of rivers; Banco Chinchorro; Temozon estate; the Celestun Biosphere Reserve; Orizaba volcano; Mexico City and Teotihuacan; the Cave of Swallows; Las Pozas; Monterrey; Copper Canyon; Baja California.


Diving, freediving, snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, hot air balloon rides, surfing, optional paragliding.


4x4 Jeep trucks, helicopter, light airplane, rafts, hot air balloon, professional off-road Challenger vehicles.


In the ocean with the crocodiles in the crash site of 200 galleons; a subterranean river aged 60 million years; a helicopter to the greatest Mayan Kingdom – the Calakmul; the estate where Bush and Clinton, the former US presidents, stop; the flamingos reserve; a hot air balloon over the Teotihuacan; the descent into the deepest vertical cave of the world; the gardens of Salvador Dali’s friend and waterfalls of Xilitla; Via Ferrata in Monterrey; the largest canyon of the world; Baja California on off-road vehicles; surfing and whale birth.

The photos below show what you will experience step by step.


The atolls of Banco Chinchorro served as a major sea route for the passage of the Spanish Galleons. The pirates mounted signal lights indicating safe passage, and the Galleons, following these lights, hit the reefs and sank in shallow water. Crews of the daredevils, with Jack Sparrow being one of their leaders, stole the broken ships. 

Now Banco Chinchorro is a marine national park, which is the habitat of the largest population of crocodiles living in the open sea.


The underground rivers of Quintana Roo are among the most ancient and longest in the world. According to scientists, now less than tenth of a percent of them is studied. These rivers are more than 60 million years old and they were formed during a meteorite fall, which was also the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. These rivers are filled with crystal clear mineral water whose ducts pass through myriad mazes of glittering stalactites and stalagmites. 

We will sail all alone for an hour along one of the maze branches of the underground river.


Exclusive venture to the Mayan underworld at night. Common expression of our guests at this place: “I have no words” – because of the beauty surrounding us, mind shuts down, thoughts disappear...


Calakmul is the largest Mayan Kingdom numbering more than 1.5 million people in 1000 BC. We will go up to some huge pyramids all alone. We will also get acquainted with the history of the Mayan civilization and fauna of this national park.


Orizaba or Citlaltépetl (star mountain) is the highest peak of the country (5636 m). It is a stratovolcano and the last eruption occurred in 1687. This is the only place in Mexico where you can ski. The snow is on its peak all year round. Moreover, it is included in the list of the seven highest volcanoes of seven continents whose conquest is considered to be honorable among climbers.

We will fly over the volcano on our plane. We will optionally organize its climbing. No special training is required. 


We recommend the descent into the cave for those who would like to refresh their mental state. This is where the movie "Sanctum" was filmed. It is about the brave explorers of the underground world.

In shape, the cave represents a cone-shaped, downward-expanding karst plough. The opening of the cave on the earth's surface is of 49 by 62 m and its depth is up to 376 meters. You can place a few stadiums at the bottom and it has its own bio-system. The bottom has passages at deeper unexplored levels.

The cave is of a huge size and even the Chrysler Building, a famous New York skyscraper, can be easily placed there. 

Swifts and parrots inhabit the cave. In the morning, millions of flocks of birds fly in a spiral, gaining altitude until they reach the exit of the cave. In the evenings, the swifts return to the cave and they swoop down in flocks of several dozen species until they reach the level of their nests in the cave.

The descent into the cave will take about 30 minutes with the help of the climbing equipment and about 10 seconds when free falling with a parachute. The crew "Maya" will pull us out. 


Sir Edward William Frank James, an eccentric Scottish millionaire, poet and sculptor, came to Mexico in 1944. He settled down in the region of Xilitla on coast of the river Santa Maria because the climate of this tropical forest region was ideal for growing orchids. 

In "Eden's garden" there are not only plants. Influenced by Salvador Dali, a surreal world of concrete was created during 10 years of work: spiral staircases that lead to nowhere, 30-meters high stone flowers, arches resembling a Cathedral that left no trace. Las Pozas is a fantasy garden of a madman dreamer with wild nature that was to be tamed.


In the Monterrey National Park, the so-called Via Ferrata was recently installed – an assistance system for those climbers who have no particular expertise or simply do not want to carry equipment/waste time on the installation of security systems. Via Ferrata will allow us to walk on responsible walls of La Huasteca Canyon crossing suspension bridges. Here, we will be able to admire breathtaking landscapes of vast valleys below us. 


Our rally partners in Baja opened up a new route in Cabo San Lucas. Now we can use their professional off-road vehicles that participate in the famous BAJA race. We will pass through the canyons, mountains and valleys filled with lunar landscape of the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula. An assistance crew will accompany us.


This is an optional point of our journey. The national marine park is famous for the most number of representatives of the marine living world than anywhere else in the Northwestern hemisphere of North America. 

Both diving and snorkeling will bring us a lot of impressions.


There are many beautiful lagoons with long perfect waves ideal for beginners as well as for experienced surfers around the Baja Peninsula. We will stop in Todos Santos town where some of the most famous masters of surfing settled down. 


From December to April there are thousands of humpback, blue and gray whales in Magdalena Bay. They migrate here from Alaska every autumn. Here, in the calm lagoons, they groom each other. Females give birth to calves conceived the previous year in the shallows. A newborn calf weighs 750 - 1000 kg and reaches 5m long. Adults begin to move back in March, while calves, which they previously "teach" in the lagoon, start the journey with their mothers in May or June.

Magdalena Bay is famous for its friendliest whales that love to communicate with us – the guests. They come close to our boats by themselves.



I am an architect and an aspiring veterinarian. I have lived in the US, Mexico, Canada and Russia. I work as a creative director for technology companies.

In 2007 I traveled to Mexico for the first time to the island of Cozumel and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of the country. Since then I have been creating expeditions here for VIP clients.

I am fond of piloting, yachts and freediving.

Our private VIP tours in Mexico

Worlds Second largest barrier reef, whale sharks and salt water crocodiles, some of the world's deepest caves with giant waterfalls and tallest volcanoes with snow tops, Mayan civilization and intermixed rich culture - this is our Mexico!

Our main regions: Riviera Maya, Mexico, Veracruz, Baja California. 

Our specialization in Mexico: extreme sports and close contact with nature.  



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