Active VIP Travel in Mexico

Worlds Second largest barrier reef, whale sharks and salt water crocodiles, some of the world's deepest caves with giant waterfalls and tallest volcanoes with snow tops, Mayan civilization and intermixed rich culture - this is our Mexico!

In Mexico we specialize in VIP adventure travel, involving helicopters in Riviera Maya and Mexico city, training by military and native survival, close contact with nature and extreme sports. 

What we already did: extreme heli-expeditions to "Sótano de las Golondrinas" and volcano Pico de Orizaba, free-diving expedition at night thru the subterranean rivers of Quintana Roo "Sac-Actun". 

What we plan on: HELI-SUP at unknown giant cenotes of Yucatan peninsula, "Heli and Survival" at the north part of Cozumel island, Helicopters and Crocodiles of Riviera Maya. 

Regions we love: Riviera Maya, Mexico, Veracruz, Baja California.

Cave of Swallows - Helicopter Expedition - Tour, Mexico

"Cave of Swallows"

New article about our team-building extreme helicopter expedition to the worlds deepest free-fall cave "Sótano de las Golondrinas" in Mexico. In Russian, English is coming up soon! 


Night tour to world's largest underground river system in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Exclusive venture to the Mayan underworld at night. Common expression of our guests at this place: “I have no words” – because of the beauty surrounding us, mind shuts down, thoughts disappear...

Night VIP tour to Sac Actun - extreme underground tours in Riviera Maya

"Helicopters & Crocodiles"

7 days. New ECO-TRAINING tour in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Helicopters, kayaking, night crocodiles psychology and behavior.



This SPORT and ECO expedition is designed for those who love to travel actively, but not necessarily is an expert in any kind of sports. We chose some of the best places to get in direct contact with wildlife, explore some of the best areas in terms of geography and the geology, history and native people of this country.

15 DAYS | 75K USD X2


Cancun - Playa del Carmen - Cozumel - Tulum

Riviera Maya Helicopters, Agusta Westland AW119 Koala

Agusta Westland AW119 Koala


Used by NYPD, Search and Rescue and Military.

Riviera Maya Helicopter: Bell UH-1 Iroquois

Bell UH-1 Iroquois 

USA: nicknamed "Huey"

Utility military helicopter that was used all the way back in the Vietnam War, but in fantastic condition.

Riviera Maya Helicopter: Bell 206 206B3

Bell 206 206B3


Originally developed as the Bell YOH-4 for the United States Army's Light Observation Helicopter program. 


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