Expedition with GRU special forces (Russian CIA). All seasons: survival in the pristine Siberian forest; psychological and tactical training; helicopter extraction and rappel; Tofalar National Reserve; trekking and rappelling in the East Sayan Mountains; mountain range Ergaki; high-altitude jump training at Tuimsky earth hole; Lake Baikal discovery.


Irkutsk, lake Baikal, Shamanic village, Tofalar Reserve, Eastern Sayan mountains, a mountain range Ergaki, Tuimsky earth hole.


Trekking in the mountains, helicopter work, camping, rock climbing, elevation jumps, rafting, fishing, survival in the forest, horseback riding.


Helicopters, jeeps, hovercrafts, horses, speed boats, canoes, rafts.


Average physical shape. Insurance will cover at least 200.000 USD for emergency evacuation.

Russian Main Intelligence Directorate: GRU

One of the best and most private security services in the world. The only organization of this kind, that doesn't have its own press service. Main functions: military intelligence and special operations. GRU experts oppose such organizations as the CIA, Mossad and MI6.


We will pick you up at the Irkutsk International airport. First 2-3 days we will spend getting acquainted with the most majestic and pristine lake in the world - Baikal. We will drive you in our 4x4 or helicopter to the lake (and during winter, 4x4 on the ice). With the help of our hovercrafts we will visit local attraction points and shamanic island. One night of camping on the island with traditional Russian sauna - Bania, vodka, caviar and national cuisine will help you with acclimatization.

In parallel course to the entertainment program, you will be trained and familiarized with the equipment for the next part of our tour. You will learn about the gear of modern GRU special forces soldiers, and its usage depending on the location, timing and objectives. You will also learn a bit of history of GRU forces.


After Baikal, a helicopter will take us from Irkutsk to Tofalar Reserve (400 km). This is where our expedition starts - one of the world’s wildest and harshest forest landscapes. A typical feature of the Siberian Taiga forest is natural flora and fauna, almost untouched by human beings. Winters here are long and cold, with deep powdered snow. Temperatures here can drop to minus 50°C, and in the summer, rise up to +35°C. Here, in complete isolation, we will start our main program.


Work with helicopter. We will learn and practice group operation during the landing of the helicopter and rappel ejection from up to 40 meters.


Our training will include learning nuances of orientation in the summer or winter in the northern hemisphere on local grounds with nothing at hand. We will teach you to determine the time of the day using constellation Ursa Major. You will learn what one needs to do to get out of the area alive (to look for the Trans-Siberian Railway, as advised by Bear Grills in his famous show, is useless. You will understand why).


We will build different types of shelter for any conditions and purpose. You will learn how to mask your tracks to protect your camp. Here we will spend a few days to study behavior of local animals, and will talk about how to predict the weather. We will build traps for protection against human element. Will catch small game, or something larger (rabbits, birds, red deer, musk deer) and learn to prepare it.


We will spend one day training in techniques of a psycho-physical condition of special forces soldiers. How to convert ordinary people to the level of intrepid spies who are ready to perform tasks in small groups anywhere and in any condition. Largely due to these techniques, GRU has earned itself such an image that one appearance of this unit in the conflict zone would stop any possible enemy advance.


Next, we have tactical training with water obstacles and working as a group at night. Group actions in case of the wounded. Basics of medical training in the field and use of medicinal plants.


In the morning, we arrive in the village Alygdzher, home to the nation of "Tofs" of which only 700 people remained. It's noteworthy that, since the end of the XVII century, their number remained virtually unchanged. Tofs will introduce us to their culture, we will learn their secrets of survival here up till this time, far away from rest of civilization. They are excellent pathfinders and collectors of medicinal herbs. Their ability to read a book taiga is passed down from generation to generation.


The next stop on our tour will be the mountain range Ergaki located in the Eastern Sayan mountains. Heli-flight (350 km). Ergaki is one pristine region touched by the enchanting beauty of the mountains. This is the main training area of Russian special forces. These mountains are very "compact" - there is no need to do multi-day trekking tours to see all their beauty. You will visit the peak (the highest point of the ridge), which offers a truly majestic view of the whole of the Eastern Sayan. Also, we will take a walk to the “hanging stone”, a place in the category of must-see. On request, we organize climbing and extreme rappelling from more than 300 meters’ height.


Finally, we will visit one unique place in the region: the largest hydroelectric power plant in Russia. Standing next to the wall of the concrete height of about 250 meters, at the time when there is a water drop, you will feel the immense power of the buildings through the vibration of each cell of your body - these are the memories that will remain for life.


Man-made earth hole on the site of industrial excavation. Underground mine near the village of Tuim (Khakassia). Walls of this hole are unreliable and crumble easily. From the top of the mountain to the water level is 120m. At the base of the hole you can see the remains of Soviet labor camps. Mecca of extreme sports lovers.

Here we will test our courage and learn high-elevation jumping technique. This is the only natural place in Russia for such activities with heights of free fall exceeding 80 meters.


In this expedition, we usually use modern helicopters, light air and hovercraft, 4x4 jeeps, kayaks, rafts, horses, and a number of heavy and light all-terrain vehicles.


Some of the best places to stay in Siberia are the traditional simple rustic types of wooden houses and mansions built in accordance with the principles of ancient Russian architecture. Of course, a visit to Siberia should never go without a real Russian bath with a dip in the ice-hole!


The expedition is led by officers of reserve of the GRU special units with combat experience. Our leaders are instructors in parachute jumping, mountaineering, diving, and have international qualifications. We are also utilizing the help of professional climbers, masters of sports, members of the Russian national team, as well as professional pilots, drivers, hunters and trappers. During the course of our travel we are in constant communication with EMERCOM squad rescuers and their helicopter teams.



Expeditions to the wild and remote regions of our world under the leadership of veterans of military intelligence and special forces such as the MI-6, CIA, GRU, SAS, Mossad, etc.

We help veterans put their unique experience to use in everyday life, and provide these war heroes the opportunity to earn the income they deserve. 



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