We are building something new: extreme corporate team-building and expeditions to the wild and remote regions of our world under the leadership of veterans of military intelligence and special forces such as the MI-6, CIA, GRU, SAS, Mossad, etc.

We help veterans put their unique experience to use in everyday life, and provide these war heroes the opportunity to earn the income they deserve. 


Guyana: expedition under direction of SAS survival experts (UK Special Air Service): contact with last Native Indian tribes; helicopter rappelling and extraction training; rafting in the Amazon jungle; rappelling 741' at Kaieteur Falls; anacondas encounter.

14 DAYS | 100K USD X2


Expedition with GRU special forces (Russian CIA). All seasons: survival in the pristine Siberian forest; psychological and tactical training; helicopter extraction and rappel; Tofalar National Reserve; trekking and rappelling in the East Sayan Mountains; mountain range Ergaki; high-altitude jump training at Tuimsky earth hole; Lake Baikal discovery.

14 DAYS | 100K USD X2


New York City with CIA 

City survival, skyscrapers rappelling, cars hot-wiring, speed chases, evasion, rescue

Moscow with FSB Special Forces Alpha

(FSB - Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation)
Extreme driving, special weapons training, tank operation and live weapons tests, hand to hand combat system "Kadochnikov"

New Zealand with Special Operations Forces (NZSOF)

Special airborne and land forces training, survival and Maori

Alaska with commander of Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Extreme Arctic survival, dog sledding, weapons and helicopters 


If you are military intelligence or special forces expert and you possess unique experience in survival or other skills of interest to our customers, we will be happy to see you in our team. On our side we guarantee complete confidentiality in the case of cooperation with us, and good financial return for years to come.



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