We are pioneers. Our clients are presidents of corporations and countries. Developing COVERT VENTURE SPECFOR - extreme expedition under leadership of veterans of special forces, intelligence agencies and war heroes.

Our expeditions and corporate team-building programs set out to breathtaking locations around the world with physically challenging topography that test skill and endurance to the maximum. In these conditions, it is not possible to foresee all of the situations that may arise in the course of our adventures. Our customers are ready for the unexpected, and can rely on skilled leadership.

We are always looking for specialists with unique ideas. 


Since 2011 we've build and ran variety of some of the world most advance corporate and VIP adventure expeditions.

Traveling with us, or going on our adventure programs, all of our participants come back with acquired special abilities.

At current time we are working on the range of VR/Immersive TV series, based on our SPECFOR ideas with NATGEO, DISCOVERY, REDBULL, and NETFLIX.


We work on all continents and most difficult to operate territories. Our leaders can setup what not a lot of others could - read: anyone ever ;)

We specialize in difficult to reach areas. We have no borders, speak all languages, and superbly interconnected.

From riding bears with Putin, or finding elusive edelweiss in Nepal, to learning to surf with cannibals in Sumatra.


We specialize in custom experiential travel, corporate team-building programs, military, urban, and jungle survival games, development of custom expeditions, bespoke travel tours, auto and moto rally, private survival courses, individual extreme and eco-adventures.

If you are looking for unique and extremely adventurous travel ideas, then you are one of us!


We are aiming to build most unimaginable experiences globally.

As we are meeting new people and expanding our horizons, we are continuously conceptualizing about making impossible into reality.

Where do we go from here? Subscribe to our channel: and you will find out!



Expeditions and team-building programs to the wild and remote regions of our world under the leadership of veterans of military intelligence and special forces such as the MI-6, CIA, GRU, SAS, Mossad, etc.

We help veterans put their unique experience to use in everyday life, and provide these war heroes the opportunity to earn the income they deserve. 



Our expedition directors are located literally everywhere. Most of us are professional and highly experienced in the development of new routes, creation of new expeditions to the remote places. To start working with us, you need to tell us about yourself, your people and your idea via the contact form below.


Most of our trips and programs require 100% pre-payment. Normally we need 50% deposit at least 3 months prior to the trip and full balance 1 month before.

Reimbursement is possible as follows:

- 100% in the 3 months before the trip. Exception is the expenses, including planning, time of our people, equipment, rental or real estate, etc.
- 50% - 2 months before.
- 25% - 1 month before.


Because we are involved in extreme sports and work in dangerous places, all of our members are required to have their own insurance to cover the cost of emergency evacuation in the amount of at least $200,000 USD.

Where we can, we acquire additional local insurance and are always in contact with local emergency rescue teams.

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