Within 10-12 days you will be able to experience something that is incomparable to anything else in your life. This expedition was developed based on getting the maximum number of experiences in minimum time. You will gain new skills and you will also have to overcome yourself in something because this is a serious and unique adventure.


Zion and Canyonlands national parks, the Cataract Canyon, the Colorado River, the famous Lake Powell.


Scenic flights, jeep tours, hiking, camping, caving, canyoning, rafting.


Airplanes, helicopters, rafts and boats, 4x4 Jeep trucks, possible horseback riding.


You will need 3-4 months of preparation, an average physical shape and your own insurance of 200,000 USD covering emergevac.


Quadrillions of years ago, a prehistoric modification of the river Virginia brought a complete chaos to the South-Western Utah. With time, the primordial elements created incredibly beautiful landscapes. Nowadays, here you will be able to hear a thundering ''welcome'' – a call of the forces of nature echoing from monstrously huge canyons of this national park painted in bloody yellow.

Here, you will have to spend three days with a backpack and water your shoes in order to see breath-taking majestic walls of the canyons and stunning landscapes. We will explore the area, which is only available to those who orient themselves freely in it, away from the crowds of tourists. We will also cook food on a campfire and sleep in tents surrounded by wild nature.


All rested after a hike, we will head off to conquer one of the longest caves of Utah. We will pass, climb and crawl across the maze of the cave, leaving the madding crowd behind. This challenge is not for the faint-hearted, but believe me, unforgettable experiences from the route and mental hardening are guaranteed.

Canyoning appeared relatively recently but its popularity has increased dramatically in the last decade. Zion National Park has become one of the most popular places in the world for this new sport. Now, Zion has become home to an extensive network of incredible slot canyons. This network took over millions of years to form itself - water had washed away the layers of soft sandstone out of rigid rocks, whimsically modifying and altering the structure of the surrounding space.


In the heart of Zion there is a network of very deep and narrow caves. A special fairy-tale hides in the depths of these caves. We can pass a number of routes with experienced masters of caving, especially for the thrill-seekers.


You will be able to see places from a great height where travel photographers of popular magazines from all over the world go to for rare shots. Here, in Canyonlands National Park, we will begin our 3-day adventure on the Colorado River.

The country of canyons or Canyonlands is a wild area located between the red rocks in the heart of the Colorado Plateau. Picturesque landscapes, arches and monoliths and a charming wildlife almost untouched by man. The flowing Colorado and Green Rivers, deep canyons cut into the Colorado Plateau and the original atmosphere of the spirit of the Wild West.

The Park covers a huge area of untouched nature, centered on the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Over millions of years, the rivers and their small tributaries have carved among the sedimentary layers of rock canyons amazing forms with a wide range of colors.

Let's finish our adventure here with hot air balloon rides.


Rafting on the most picturesque part of the Colorado River – the Cataract Canyon, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful canyons in America and even surpasses the Grand Canyon with its steep slopes. You will be able to feel the full power of the legendary river since our route is expected to have the highest rapids.

Cataract Canyon can be completed within 2 or 4 days. Both trips cover about 100 miles on the Colorado River from Moab to Lake Powell.


Our river rafting will end at the unique Lake Powell where we will spend our last day of the trip on a motor yacht. Canyons again? Yes, although it is hard to believe, but they are all completely different from each other. We will drive on water scooters on the narrowest ones of them. Plenty of fun is guaranteed.


The next day, a plane will fly you to Vegas. During the flight, you will be able to see a new panorama in order to engrain all impressions in your memory. 


We have chosen some of the most secluded and beautiful places. These exclusive lodges are equipped with everything you need so you can fully recover strength in between the extreme activities.




In 2013 I left my career and started travelling. Within a year, I traveled from the Canadian border to Honduras. I visited all the national parks on the West coast of the US. I participated in long hikes in the snow, sun and rain. I spent the nights in a tent surrounded by wild nature. I biked 450 miles along the ocean for three days. I have led groups to the bottom of the Grand Canyon five times. I am endlessly in love with nature. I devote all my free time to travelling, gaining new skills and experiences. I am also fond of yoga and graphic design.


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