Our Program

Participants are required to have an average physical shape. Climbing, tandem paragliding flights with instructors and rafting are available at request. We also provide transportation for everyone who is not ready for such extreme activities: helicopters, 4x4 Jeep trucks and boats. Comfortable lodges and bungalows and a fully-equipped camping site.


Table-top mountains (~3000m altitude); Angel Falls (~1km high); Yanomami Indian tribes.


Paragliding and rappelling with an instructor (optional), hiking, camping, rafting in traditional canoes, hunting with the Indians, jungle.


Light helicopters, paragliders, small planes, boats, 4x4 Jeep trucks.


You will have to be in an average physical shape and posses your own insurance covering a minimum of 200,000 USD on emergency evacuation.


The expedition starts with flying on a helicopter to one of the most famous table-top mountains in the world, the Mount Roraima. Only a few people got the chance to visit it. On Roraima, above the clouds, we will spend the night in a tent.

The next day we will visit the beautiful surroundings, get acquainted with the endemic world and move down by means of a double rope, which is called rappelling.

We will fly 250 km on a helicopter to another table-top mountain – to the top of the highest waterfall in the world – the Angel Falls (~1 high). 

We will go down on paragliders in tandem bundle from the edge of the waterfall with the instructors, we will fly around the waterfall and the surroundings. The descent on a helicopter is optional.

We will land ten kilometers down the river where a boat will pick us up. We will sail downstream to the airport in the jungle.

We will fly to a different region (300 km) in a light plane, take a boat and sail into the jungle until the Yamamori tribe with our Indian guide.

We will spend several days in the jungle with a guide from the Indians; we will experience the life in the village in the traditional setting; we will study the life of the Indians; and we will spend a few days here.

A helicopter will take us from the village to the nearest local airport and then to the capital of the country.


Heli-flight to the Tepui

The word "tepui" means "the house of the gods" in the language of the Pemon Indians inhabiting the region of La Gran Sabana. The tepui are isolated from each other, towering over the jungle with inaccessible cliffs, which makes them the carriers of a unique set of endemic plants and animals.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world at 979 meters high. The drop height is so great that the water, before reaching the ground, disperses into the smallest particles and turns into mist. The fog can be felt for several kilometers.

Life in the Yanomami tribe

The Yanomami take all people as their distant relatives who speak distorted Yanomami languages without dividing them into the different nations.




Over the last few years, Roman traveled the most countries in Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka, many countries in Western Europe, the US and a number of other countries. He is mainly focused on Asia.

The numerous hobbies help Roman to actively spend time during his journeys. He enjoys jogging, hiking, swimming, surfing and diving. He also runs sailboats and motorboats, and is fond of photography.


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